Sacred Gardens Church of the Holy Spirit

Sacred Gardens Church of the Holy Spirit
Mission Statement
To provide a safe and caring environment that is Open Hearted and Open Minded
A place that gives the feeling of “Springtime All Year Round”
One that is non-judgmental, Is Joyful and Positive
One that welcomes and respects people from all backgrounds and faiths
A virtual Sanctuary that provides Happiness and Healing of the Mind, Body and Soul
To Welcome all those who Celebrate and Share the Miracle that is Life
To Welcome and Honor those who Choose to make a Positive Difference in The World for Themselves and All Others

Founded 2003
Location Penrith Valley Showgrounds, Cnr Station & Ransley Streets, Penrith, Australia 2750
About Sacred Gardens Church of the Holy Spirit always welcomes you … an Interfaith Spiritual Church respecting All Faiths and All People … so join us and Let your Light Shine!


Ministers Rev. Min. Ross Hutchison & Rev. Min. Joy Connor
Company Overview Sacred Gardens Church of the Holy Spirit is a safe, nurturing environment. We welcome everyone and embrace all the multiple faiths that have existed since time began.
Description Sacred Gardens Church of the Holy Spirit provides uplifting church services filled with great inspirational songs, healing, meditation, inspired verse readings and Guest Speakers with stories from their life’s journey.Although a bit different in format from others … never the less, similar in purpose … allowing and helping you to find your own truths!Do you have a sense of change that has been happening within you? Are you looking for support for those feelings? Yes … then we invite you to take a closer look …
General Information Rev. Ross is an accomplished teacher and motivational speaker and has been passionately travelling his ministerial path for over 40 years.Sacred Gardens Church of the Holy Spirit provides a number of servicesClick below for a list of services provided:
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Mission Sacred Gardens Church of the Holy Spirit mission is* to be a supporting stepping stone in your journey to living a fulfilling life.* to provide a non-judgemental environment and foundation for self-love, an avenue to fulfill one’s personal needs.* to help where possible, the needs of the community.*To create a Botanical Gardens that will provide a safe and caring environment for Spiritual/ Religious Expression, Education and Healing.* A Sanctuary for Meditation and Relaxation.

* To raise an income to support the numerous Charities and Welfare Requirements of the Community.

* To enable both Members and Non-Members, to develop their own relationship with God.

* To Celebrate the Beauty of Creation and the Love and Grace of God.

* To create a point of contact for Religious Ministers and Departments of the Australian Government, State and Local. In relation to the activities of the Multiple Faith Community Welfare Organisat* To create opportunities to preserve and celebrate our culture and heritage including the Indigenous culture and heritage.


Phone 02 4721 2620