About Us

About Us
We are a place of Prayer, a place of Meditation, a place of Spiritual and Physical Wellbeing. Most of all, a Sanctuary where we celebrate life in a most joyous way. We enjoy great songs and guest speakers who further add to our lives. We respect and welcome everyone.
We endeavour to provide a safe and caring environment that is in no-way judgemental of anyone. We accept that we are all individuals, on our own journey and responsible for our own lives.
Some of us fall through the net of life and find ourselves lost and confused as to our personal sense of value due to our life experiences. Others have a strong, independent sense of value.
No matter who you are…….You are a Worthy Person….. with Enormous Value to Yourself and Society.
We will welcome You and maybe you’ll find yourself in a place where you’ll experience further personal growth!
“Your mind and heart are just like a parachute…..
They won’t work unless they are Open.”
We meet at several locations in Penrith. Locations and times are listed on the “Services” page.
What drives us
We see ourselves as a very active part of our community. We enjoy providing an atmosphere of genuine friendship and caring for everyone.
We accept people for whom they are, we are non-judgemental regardless of anyone’s background, beliefs or non-beliefs
We adopt the attitude that “Life Is Great…… and we don’t want to waste a minute of it through negative attitudes.”
We help one another through the highs and lows of life by being genuine people ourselves..
Reverend Minister Ross Hutchison is the Pastor leading our unique activities…..Both Spiritually and in the Works we contribute to our Community. He is wonderfully supported by Reverend Joy Connor…. Plus a great team from the Congregation..
Our Church was formed in Penrith eight years ago, providing one Service every week. We have grown to providing three Church Services each week and additional seminars on Personal Spiritual Growth, Meditation, Healing and a host of other stimulating sessions conducted by qualified persons from all walks of life.
We also maintain an attitude of trying not to miss a chance to make a Possitive Difference in whatever we do and wherever we go.
We have now establish our permanent “Place of Prayer and Tranquility.”
Maybe you would find enjoyment and fulfillment in being a part of this ambititious but rewarding programme…… Know that You are Welcome!